How do I start a high school mountain bike team?

Administrators, teachers, students, community members, anyone can potentially begin a cycling club at their local high school. Every district works a little differently, but most schools athletic programs depend on the support of community members. Visit your school and ask questions about their current sports programs and clubs. Whether considered a club, or an athletic program, it is important to find support from the school. Discuss your plans and ideas with your school administration, and your ready to get started. Next, you’ll need to meet a few NICA coaching requirements to get started.


How do I recruit kids for a team?

Various teams have had success with many different recruiting techniques. Hosting a Bike Club table at Club Rush (or whatever your high school Club recruitment day is called) is a great way to garner initial interest. Meeting with the Athletic Director in order to educate he/she about your new club is another idea. Email the Pennsylvania League at mike@pamtb.org and ask if there are current teams or clubs that you can connect with in your area. Put an article in the school newspaper, get parents to talk to other parents, send an email to your school’s Boosters Club. There are lots of ways to get kids interested in cycling!


Do I have to have insurance for a club or team?

Yes. Do not run a program without adequate insurance coverage! NICA provides comprehensive liability insurance to all teams and coaches who officially register with the Pennsylvania League.


Can I get a scholarship for race entry fees?

The Pennsylvania League is able to provide scholarships to registered League athletes who are in need of financial assistance. Please email mike@pamtb.org  for information on how to apply for a scholarship.


Do you have any cycling gear that our team can buy?

Yes, we do. The Pennsylvania League runs a lycra drive program and gets new and used gear donated for the sole purpose of donating to teams and individual riders. Please email us, let us know what you need, and we will get you set up. Also, we always bring all our donated cycling gear to our Leaders Summit for coaches to access for their teams.


Can I get a good deal or discount on a new bike?

Please go to the Sponsors-Bike Shops page and find the closest bike shop to you that is an Pennsylvania League sponsor shop. These shops all offer incredible discounts to Pennsylvania League riders and coaches.


Weather Policy

  • Races are held on their scheduled dates unless the race course on the day of the race is deemed un-rideable and dangerous.
  • The League will have the option to delay the start of a race from the published times if the weather has created dangerous conditions.
  • Courses and/or lap lengths may be altered or shortened because of weather conditions. Last minute changes will be broadcast to racers at the start of each wave via the race announcer. If conditions require a change in number of laps during a race, a person will be stationed at the lap line advising riders of the change.
  • The League will develop a wet weather course alterations in case of extremely wet conditions that threaten the trails used for the race.
  • All racing will stop immediately in the presence of lightning as signified by the chief referee. Racing may continue once the league director, chief referee, and the head timer have conferred.
  • Re-starting a race that has been stopped due to lightning;
    – depending on schedule and number of laps completed, the race may be declared over
    – if time permits, racers will be able to resume laps beginning from the lap line

  • Communication of delays, changes in start time, courses, and so on will be made by the League as follows:
      – on the league web site prior to the race day, if possible.
      – on the public address system on the race day.
      – via forms of social media.
  • League will not refund pre-registration fees due to inclement weather.
  • League does not allow registration transfers to subsequent races due to inclement weather.

(Note, PA Weather Policy is standard NICA League policy)