2017 New Team Start-Up Calls

 There are already 20 teams, communities, and schools from all across Pennsylvania interested in starting a team in our 2nd year!


We want to know how we can help you bring a team to your community and be ready for the 2017 season this coming fall.


Do you have the Leaders Summit on your calendars? March 25-26 in Harrisburg. Joining us for the summit is a wonderful way to simplify and accelerate the learning curve as your roll out your team. It is a great place to meet your league’s staff and other coaches too.


We are holding a series of calls every other Tuesday night at 9pm starting on Feb 14, then Feb 28, and March 14. These are for start up teams. Mostly, these calls will be focused on the very basics of what you need to get a team rolling, but we’ll also be there to answer any questions even if you’re a bit further along in the process.

Call in information is: Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031 Access Code: 457-305