Leaders Summit or Coach Essentials Course?

IMG_9455We’ve recently gotten questions about the differences between the March Leader’s Summit and the Coach Essentials clinics planned for this spring at Dirt Rag Dirt Fest and again in August.

Here’s a quick overview of the sessions and the differences between the two:

Leader’s Summit – this is a two-day session that focuses on all components of creating and sustaining a team and understanding how the league works.  This is really a must-attend for anyone playing a leadership role on their team, even if you attended last year. The weekend is designed to provide networking opportunities, updates on league rules, logistical plans for the upcoming season, roundtables with current coaches to discuss lessons-learned from last season and an overview of the coaching philosophy that’s key to NICA. Sunday afternoon we will be doing the NICA on-the-bike session intended to provide an in-depth overview of how to run a practice and how to teach the core skills. This session should be viewed as educational foundation for team leadership and attendance by all coaches/assistant coaches is strongly encouraged. Attendees will get their NICA On-the-Bike Skills Training certification, Continuing Education Units for Level 2&3 Coaches, and the NICA Leader Summit 1 Day. Attendance is required by all Level 3 Coaches each year and team registration is discounted based on any coach attending (See details on discount HERE).

Coach Essentials – this one-day session is entirely focused on coaching philosophy, practice structure and NICA on-the-bike skills.  It’s intended to provide all coaches with the standard skill-set required to develop and run practices that align with NICA core values. The session is split between an interactive discussion on coaching philosophy, risk management, and a detailed overview of how to structure and execute an effective practice. The on-the-bike session dives deeper into practice structure and the mechanics of teaching the key skills/competencies. Participation in this course is critical to ensure that standards are being applied universally by all teams during their practices. Teams should encourage all of their assistant coaches – even ride leaders, to attend.  Everyone having the same baseline on coaching philosophy and skills makes running practices/rides much more manageable and safe. Attendees will get their NICA On-the-Bike Skills certification and become comfortable with Risk Management 1 and NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy (Online webinars and tests are still required. Find them HERE). 3 CEU’s will also be awarded if you have not previously attended this course.

If you have any further questions about coach training please contact PICL Coach Supporters Clay Chiles (clay@pamtb.org) or Jason Thomas (jason@pamtb.org).