Looking back at GRiT Camp 2017

As we head into our second race season, we look back to our GRiT camp and share this letter from a grateful family.

   To the members of PICL,

I wanted to share a story about my daughter becoming involved in your league.  Last year my son was part of the inaugural season, and fell in love with mountain biking. I have been an on again off again recreation rider since the 90’s, and recently got back into it on a regular basis, (and having a blast), because of my son’s interest,. I had tried multiple times to get my daughter, Marley, just to ride a mountain bike on flat trails for the past few years, only to be met with a vehement “NO WAY!”  When I heard about the girls GRIT camp, I asked if it was something she would be interested in, (thinking there was no way this was going to happen), but when she read through the schedule, her interest was piqued. To be completely honest, I think it was more the idea of going to her first sleepover camp that got her attention, but whatever it takes right?   When she discovered a couple of her friends were also attending, she decided to go! I was shocked yet excited; all I wanted from this experience was for her to give mountain biking a try, and be open to exploring the sport.

   She had such an amazing time at the camp, learning basic skills, swimming, and making new friends, many of which participated in the first season!  The ride home was filled with stories of all the wonderful things they did. In her words the highlights of the weekend were:

  1. The coaches were really nice
  2. Lots of fun activities, especially the trail rides, and the campfire
  3. We got to stay up late
  4. Met new people that I can’t wait to see at the races
  5. I hope that next year camp is a week long instead of 2 nights

To my surprise, Marley announced she would entertain joining the team, but wanted to attend a couple of practices first.  

Although I would have been fine with Marley deciding not to pursue mountain biking, I can happily say that she is now an official member of the OJRMTB team, and building her confidence with each practice. My family and I have truly enjoyed becoming a part of such an amazing community, and wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and success in starting this incredible league. I don’t know how Marley will take to the racing aspect of the sport, but I know she is on her way to becoming a life long rider due to her fantastic coaches, and this amazing league.  Thank you!


Jackie Danielsson

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