Grinnin’ and Winnin’


It doesn’t get better than that – well, okay, so maybe dry and fast would have been a lot of fun too, but Grinnin’ at Granite was pretty amazing on a number of fronts.

We awarded a bunch of TTC Captains their wickedly sweet trail tools.

Harry Potter quidditched his way across the joint.

Ability based groupings made for fantastic racing.

We had an amazing campground with fun things for all — if you didn’t camp you must next year!

Stories of grit and perseverance abounded — at last count at least 6 riders lost shoes during the guys’ MS wave!

We know there are ways we can be even better, together. Where there are challenges and mistakes, there is opportunity for growth.

Several new Core Crew members made the weekend even more awesome (how about being part of this too?!?!).

Gettysburg was a great place to go do more than ride bikes….even while you are riding bikes!

We found a great new partner in Granite Hill Campground and the future could be amazing!

The League set a new registration record with over 410 riders reg’d up for Granite!

Strong Minds, Bodies, and Characters are often forged through adversity. It wasn’t easy at Granite. Congrats on your achievements.

You all rocked it this weekend. We can’t wait to see you as we head for High Ground at JTown in two weeks where new and different challenges, on what may be the best spectator course of year, await!

Check out the Granite Hill pics here.

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