The First Adventure and the Next One

No, not Captain America, that’s the First Avenger. This was the First Adventure! Or, it was the first Adventure based weekend orchestrated by a NICA league. What do we mean? Every NICA season event that happened before our visit to the Oesterling Farm in early September was a competition driven event. We’re breaking new ground as we create a way to bring in the values of our organization in a new and fun way. We took our time to develop this program. The process began as we moved from season 1 to season 2 with last fall bringing an Adventure ride at Fair Hill. We saw the value in doing more than racing bikes and going hard and the need to do so. Planning accelerated in the winter of 2017 and at the January 2018 PICL staff meeting we made the commitment to focus energy on Adventure and Teen Trail Corps as part of a rebirth of our organization’s mission to build strong body, mind, and character. Seredipitously, Melissa joined our crew as we began 2018, her background in experiential ed gave us the capacity and expertise to ramp up our vision.

Strong Minds, Bodies, and Characters are what we endeavor to build through all that we do. The Competition branch of NICA programming has been the mainstay of the organization and has served the needs of tens of thousands of student-athletes over the last decade. We are excited that,  through our investment of time and resources, we are able to help to expand definition of NICA to very purposefully include Adventure and to purposefully incorporate community service through trail stewardship in our TTC program. We have a few more ideas we’re working to bring about, but they’re super-secret so you have to wait (shhhh…don’t tell anyone!).

What I can tell you is that for Pennsylvania to build on this amazing potential we need your help! There are some great ways to get involved – from starting teams, to being part of the event staff, to donating to the league in order to help us build our capacity – all of it is needed for our next steps.

In fact, for the next six weeks – until the end of the PICL season – Quality Bicycle Products is making right now the perfect time for you to join me in supporting the PA Interscholastic Cycling League because QBP is providing up to $5000 in matching funds! How does that work? For every dollar donated, QBP matches it until we hit the $5000 threshold!! You essentially double your money by making a contribution to the league right now! That’s pretty wonderful, but we need your help! Click here, make a donation today, and join this Adventure!

HUGE Thanks to our friends at QBP for joining us and making this (and a lot more) possible.




PS. If your company provide matches to your donations to charitable organizations we would love if you would consider engaging them as well. If you happen to think that this would be a great time to help us elevate this even more by joining QBP in incentivizing charitable donations to the PA league please contact league director Mike Kuhn,