COVID-19 and PICL, March 17, 2020 update

Repost of the current edition of the PICL Singletrack Times, published 3.17.20

Glad that we are in this together.
How’s everyone doing out there?

These are trying times and we wish our extended PICL family health and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to hear from all of you about how you’re holding up and what you’re doing to manage through it all.
At times like these, riding bikes can seem insignificant. But also, it’s at these times that we may need those small benefits we get from riding bikes more than ever.
We hope to use that connection we all have to mountain biking and the community you’ve all built to support each other. We encourage everyone to practice social distancing and do your part to fight the spike and flatten the curve, but also when appropriate to get out on a ride, alone or with your family.

Our teams are so important to us—you’re the backbone of this league. We’re working on ways for us to come together (virtually for now) and share ideas, plan for the season, and manage team operations—or just share our love of this sport. We’d love to hear your thoughts too.

And we’re still working daily (more than ever, actually) on the upcoming season which includes our camps, fundraisers, Local Dirt events, practices and races. We’ll continue listening to recommendations from our own medical advisor, Dr. Todd (who provides some thoughts below), and adopting guidance from the CDC and other health organizations to make make necessary changes in the short term, but we expect to have a fantastic 2020 season after this, it feels like we’ll need it more than ever. _We can’t wait until we can get the gang together again!_

Be safe everyone.

The PICL Crew


PICL Update 3.17.20
The most recent guidelines from the federal government (per 3/16 press conference) strongly recommend limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer. As you’re aware, PA schools are closed for two weeks and PIAA sports are on a 2 week hiatus. Though we are far from the season, we know that teams are thinking about pre-season activities, recruiting, day camps, and trail work days.

**At this time all teams should follow the lead of PA schools. We are expecting an update from NICA within 24 hours.** We also expect to hold a full fall season. We will follow up with more information later this week regarding registration, summer camps, fundraising events, and the fall season with the most up-to-date information we can provide.



From Dr. Todd.
The COVID-19 virus pandemic has brought about a situation we have never experienced before. Tough decisions are being made at all levels to minimize the spread of the virus. PICL is not immune to having to make these decision or immune to this virus. While our athletes are not in the higher risk categories for this disease, some of our coaches, staff and family members unfortunately are. Currently, the best defenses are early identification and slowing down the spread of the virus. We encourage you practice good hand hygiene, get tested as soon as is possible if you have symptoms and practice social distancing. We are uncertain what the next several weeks or months will look like, but these measures seem to be the best defense we have at present. Please understand that events and gatherings related to PICL are important to all of us. Canceling and postponing preseason gatherings is being done in the interest of public health and not an easy decision for any of us. We will you keep you posted as we know more. In the meantime, riding with your own children is still encouraged so enjoy the trail.

Todd McGrath, MD CAQSM
PICL Advisory Board