How We Doin?


Here’s what I looked like when I found out that school’s out for summer that my kids will be with me all the time for the next five months…

If this was a gif my eye would be twitching.

Schools out for summer…

Just kidding. We’re tearing a tractor apart, together. The boys haven’t done this before. Neither have I. Education is going to come in all sorts of ways now.


This all still keeps us on track with all that we’re working on and we anticipate a fun fall season ahead (though it is possible the season will look a wee bit different than our first four…). We’re working on contingencies and alternatives even while we work to complete what is needed to hold everything exactly as we planned — there’s as much happening right now as there ever is around here.

If you haven’t, you might want to check into the latest PICL newsletters for some info — you can get those here (March 17) and here (April 1). If you’re not on the mailing list, jump on it to stay current and make sure you’re getting these in your main inbox too — we’re dropping another newsletter and site updates this week.

If you’re one of our killer coaches or considering becoming one, you’ll want to check out this newsletter just for coaches. There are some great new options for free on-line learning from PICL and NICA on offer right now. Of course, NICA also offers much of what you need for Level 1 directly year round and it could be a great time to knock that out.

Whether a coach or not, Local Dirt training (v2.0) is ramping up and open to all. The 2020 Local Dirt cohort is working through the season with similar offerings in a variety of locations across the state. If you’d like to help make sure that your community, team, and riders have all the possibilities open to them this fall so that we’re as prepared as we can be for whatever comes and you love the idea of making all of this more accessible to more families, get in touch with your head coach and jump in on Local Dirt – they can get you pointed in the right direction. Check back here in a few days. We’ll be linking more Local Dirt guidance and training to the site this week.



Join us in some #PICLpower too — jump on the social channels and share what you’ve been up to, fun things to do, what you’re loving, what’s tough too. We get through all of this together. We build this league together and our collective effort is what will make this into whatever comes next. That’s all #PICLpower.