Keep it Awesome – Simple COVID rules

Some simple guidance as we work together to keep each other safe, while allowing more of the awesome back in.

Keep clear
○ If you or anyone in your home have any symptoms of Covid or any similar
symptoms in the past 14 days, do not come to practice. If you develop
symptoms at practice or any time, let your coach know.

Keep away
○ Practice physical distancing- stay 6 feet away from coaches and teammates. Give plenty of room when passing or allowing others to pass. Plan ahead for stopping areas to maintain distance.



Keep it chill
○ On the trail, stay within your limits. Have fun but save the gnar for another
time. Get rad later.

Keep covered
○ If they ask, wear a mask.

Keep it to yourself
○ Be prepared, you will not be able to share equipment– make sure your bike is
working properly, bring all the water, tools, pumps, tubes, snacks and
anything else you need to be self-sufficient on the trail.

Keep it small
○ Ride in small groups of no more than 10 including coaches

Keep it quick
○ If you need to use a public restroom or other public facilities, be quick.

Keep it clean
○ Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer often, avoid touching your face, keep your bike and other equipment clean and sanitized.

Keep smiling and KEEP HAVING FUN!!

This is the best sport ever! Let’s roll!