Looking Good This Season!

Are you Ketchup, Mustard, or Relish?


We squashed up some matos, collected all the right seeds, chopped up all the green bits, and have a whole fresh batch of deliciousness waiting for you.

As you get ready to  sign up for the season roll on over to the PICL store and add on a sweet PICL T-shirt and or sweatshirt of your favorite flavor!

Printed on t-shirts that are so darn soft you’ll think that you’re surrounded by goose down and rose petals while floating in a sea of whipped topping, you’ll never want to take it off! Forget squishy tomatoes, this is as close to wrapping yourself in the soft wings of the beautiful lunar moths that are gracing our Pennsylvania nights as you can get. You’ll love it so much you’ll want another flavor immediately!! In fact, you probably just better get two to start…you’ll thank me later!

Can you figure out what our “UPC code” means? We PICLized it.

Did that do it? Are you convinced? What, you ordered all three? Of course you did.

Available now on the PICL Merchandise Page!

Sweatshirts available too, in blue. We don’t know what flavor blue is, but it looks darn good with this, errrm, modified keystone logo!

We’ve a few 2019 season posters left to, in case you didn’t grab one already. Look for a fun 2020 PICL COVID season T coming this fall!