Share The Ride, Change Lives, Be Awesome!

“This is the first time I’ve felt normal in six months” remarked a PICL coach through unexpected tears during an August practice. There was so much relief and joy in those tears.

Who’d have thought the sounds of group laughter and goofy teenage conversations, things that only a few months prior might have felt like nothing more than background noise, could create such emotions? And yet, across Pennsylvania, feelings like these reverberated through our coaches, riders, families, and staff and things once taken for granted were seen in a new light.

You might have experienced these feelings too. By finding a way to deliver safe and meaningful experiences this fall, PICL offered many young athletes and coaches the outlet they so badly needed. In a world of forced isolation, the simple act of a group ride reminded us of the power of community, inclusion, the outdoors, and fun—and of the power of the bike.

We are so glad that many of you are already part of this ride somehow. We are very thankful for those of you who are part of our 500+ coaches across PICL who dedicate countless hours to our student-athletes. To those who volunteer in other ways, we greatly appreciate how you pour yourselves into the tasks at hand. To our PICL families, we love how you support your students and sometimes even join in the ride. And to those of you who are among our 850 amazing student-athletes we are very grateful for the enthusiasm, positivity, and energy you bring to all our mountain biking programs. Today we hope that you will Share the Ride in an equally important way, by making a donation to support the programming and growth of your league.

– Remember what all those smiles looked like? We can’t wait to see them emerge from behind masks again! Enjoy these pics of some of the things that you make possible by giving to PICL! –

By giving, you provide us the ability to create incredible experiences for our athletes and make this opportunity accessible to more kids and families all across Pennsylvania. You enable us to build this PICL family and deliver amazing growth that comes from putting more kids on bikes.

As we reflect on this unprecedented and unpredictable year, it is wonderful to recognize that there is still much for us to celebrate – perhaps most of all, it is the simple act of coming together that we celebrate the most. You make it possible for us to celebrate this year and to continue moving forward on programs like Local Dirt, which works to create more opportunities for events in your backyard, our Girls Riding Together (GRiT) program that invests in bringing more young women and female coaches into this great sport.

Your support has made all the difference and our future looks bright because you believe, as we do, that kids on bikes changes lives. We are looking to the future, and how we will come together in new and innovative ways to ride, adventure, grow, connect, and improve lives through cycling.

We hope that you will join us and Share the Ride, Change a Life by giving today. While our season looked different this year, the joy brought to our community by cycling has only grown stronger. Providing these experiences biking is now more important than ever to our community and especially our student-athletes. You make it all possible through your gift.

Your gift will provide support for those who would love to take part, but for whom financial obstacles stand in the way. In giving, you will help us find ways to bring more students from a diverse array of backgrounds to this sport. Through your generosity, we will build more teams in more communities across Pennsylvania, put #morekidsonbikes, and change their lives!

Warmest regards,

PS. #morekidsonbikes is about a lot more than just ‘more kids on bikes.’ Communities and lives change for the better as teams welcome riders to this NICA experience. You make more great programming and more teams possible! Please give today. #onbikesforlife #ridenowrideon #PICLpower

Or, if you would prefer to donate by mail, please print the form below, fill in your details, then mail it, along with your contribution (checks made payable to “PA Interscholastic Cycling League”) to:

PA Interscholastic Cycling League

1061 Flowers Lane

Marysville, PA 17053