Your league need your help! We’d love to have you join the team that makes all of this possible for kids all across PA. Wondering how you might fit in?  Check out some ideas below and let us know if you need more information on how to get involved!


Fundraising Committee Positions

Fundraisers: We are looking for volunteers who can help us engage in various fundraising efforts throughout the year — from event organization to donor solicitation to thank you letters, we can use your help!  If you’d love to help us get #morekidsonbikes, helping us increase our capacity by joining the fundraising effort is an ideal way! Email

Grant Researcher, Writers, and Reporters: As we grow in size and scope as an organization and expand programming into community service through trail stewardship, in the Teen Trail Corps, and offer non-competitive Adventure programming options to our student-athletes more and more of our funding is likely to come from public grants.  Not only are we serving a wider range of constituents and communities as we expand programming, but we are also eligible partners for more grants as we follow these new trails. We are always looking for new public and private grants to help fund the team. We need to connect with family foundations. Your help in finding and securing funding from grants is invaluable to your league. Can you join us and get involved in this way? Email

Sponsorship Liaisons: We benefit greatly from various sponsors and are always looking to cultivate new and stronger relationships. A small group of people who are focused on supporting this effort would greatly help your league build, sustaint, and grow sponsorship relationships.  If that sounds like a fit for you, reach out and get on board! Email


Event Production Team:

Hometown Team Volunteer Coordinators: This is a great way to work very directyly with your league’s Chief of Volunteers, Pat Engleman, as your team’s Hometown Team volunteer coordinator. Hop in here and get your team ready to put on the best event in the PICL series – yours! Email

Event Production Chiefs and Deputies – To offer events for students in more places as we grow into new parts of PA requires not just the replication of every bit of equipment employed to produce events, alone an investment of upwards of $60,000, but even more importantly, the in-depth training of a dozen or more Core Race Staff members for each conference expansion. We see a future in PA that supports at least three conferences across the Commonwealth, but we only get there when you join in to help make it happen by coming aboard the Event Production Team!

Chiefs of our different postions – Volunteers, Operations, Course Setting, Race Directing, Registration and Merchandise, Scoring, Officiating, and Marshals – are the people who come together to make the events happening. NICA is working on revamping some of the training and descriptions for these postions so if you’ve interest in knowing more about these roles please contact League Director, Mike Kuhn @

Additional key Event Production roles include: Photography, Videography, Announcing,

Do you like the idea of investing in the events, but don’t have the time for a Chief Postion? Check out the Deputy Positions here in such roles as:

  • Feed Zone Deputy (Ops)
  • Finish LineDeputy (Ops)
  • Start Corrals Deputy (Race Dir)
  • Awards Zone Deputy (Reg)
  • Pit Zone Deputy (Ops)
  • Trailer Org Deputy (Course)
  • Course Setting Deputies (Course) – Team of 4-6 trained course setters who are the core of the course setting crew each week and assist Chief Course Setter with all associated tasks.

and be a key member of the team!