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Welcome to the PA Interscholastic Cycling League Forums!

Please read the introduction below before participating to familiarize yourself with the goals of these forums.

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These forums exist to enable interested students, parents, teachers, administrator, community organizations, and teams in communities connect with one another. Ongoing League level information is delivered through the League blog, League newsletters, and League social media outlets. Our website is an excellent resource to find out more about NICA in general and to find basics on coaching and starting a team. Our ongoing League calls are a great way to engage too.

League staff may or may not actively contribute to these forums, the fastest and preferred way to reach league staff is by calling or e-mailing your contact, or by emailing

Use the SEARCH function in the forums to find topics that you are of interest to you. (i.e. I live in Downingtown and want to find people and events in that town: type “Downingtown” in the Search field to find possible matching results).

The forums are broken down roughly by region. Each region has forums to organize topics of discussion.

Please reference the map below to know which forum you should be participating in. Click on the map to view county names if you are unsure of your inclusion in a specific region.


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