PICL 2020 Season Registration FAQ

2020 PICL Season Registration FAQ’s

How do I take advantage of the PayPal credit offer?
PayPal credit offering six months same as cash financing is available through PayPal directly. Click the PayPal link on the Season Registration page to begin. PayPal will then determine if you qualify for the six months same as cash (under $50/month for the four month long season in 2020, or $33/month if you extend for the full 6 months) and you’re set!

What is the PayPal Checkout Process in PitZone?

If you are using PayPal for student registration, you must first register your student in pitzone. When you get to the payment section in pitzone, click the Pay By Check option to complete registration. If you paid the registration fee via PayPal, do not forget to complete the Pitzone registration process.Remember to include the name of your student-athlete(s) in the notes section in PayPal, or via email to Jill so that the PayPal fee can be properly processed and credited to your pitzone registration.

Is PICL offering a Family Discount for 2020? 

We have discounted the 2020 Season fees so that they are covering the basic support needed for NICA and PICL for 2020, and that means that unfortunately for 2020 we will not be able to offer any additional discount. 

Are event fees included in the 2020 PICL Registration?

No. Event fees are not included in the 2020 registration because of the variability and uncertainty of the year. We have pulled events out of the season registration because we do not yet know if we will be able to offer them this year. Cross your fingers though because we’d love to get the whole PICL family together this fall.

What is included in the 2020 PICL registration fee?

Everything you’ve come to love about PICL is included, except for major “state” events, in the 2020 PICL registration fee and that starts with a year round focus on providing an exemplary experience for all of our student athletes through a risk and experience appropriate mountain bike based adventure. We’re also including some new additions with the staff and many coaches working hard to bring Local Dirt events to as many locations as we can this fall. 

Wait, what is Local Dirt?

Local Dirts are smaller scale events that bring together neighboring teams for Adventure rides, GRiT gatherings, scrimmages, and more. Local Dirt has been in the works for a few years and while we see it as an integral part of PICL’s future in building accessibility in more places, Local Dirts also fit the needs of the current situation as we look to connect locally before connecting regionally or across the state. 

Will PICL events cost extra in 2020?

Yes and no, state level events will be an additional cost, but right at this moment we can not yet tell you exactly what this cost will be. If state events are deemed feasible then the league will incur additional costs not considered in the league registration. Because of COVID-19 considerations there will be additional costs beyond normal operating expenses. At the same time we are working to reduce expenses as much as possible to counter these anticipated increases. We anticipate these costs to be about $30 per event. 

There will be no additional cost to Local Dirt events. Local Dirt events were originally planned as part of the normal $300 Season Pass. They do not fit into the 2020 season registration costs, but we  believe that Local Dirts are  the most likely way to provide experiences beyond practices in 2020 and are making it work for all of us for this year and for our future.

Do I have to pay the NICA/PICL registration for my child to participate with a local team?

Yes. All that we are able to do now and into the future is a combination of the work that is done for our students at National (NICA), State (PICL), and Local (Team) levels. Athletes, whether part of a team or registering as an independent must be fully current with all state and national league registrations in order to participate in any NICA activities.

Muddy mountain biker in Pennsylvania Local Dirt raceIs there a way for my child to try this out before committing?

Yes. Many local teams offer pre-season “Try it” events for prospective athletes and parents. Also, at the local team’s discretion, athletes may also be able to participate in one actual team practice. Either option requires a parent or guardian to sign an insurance waiver. Due to the requirements of our national insurance plan, this waiver can only be used on one occasion. To continue after that, the student must have her/his registration current.

Does my PICL registration cover the national NICA registration fee too?

Yes, the NICA registration fee ($25) and NICA support costs ($25) are included in the PICL registration costs. Your registration also includes $25 in annual insurance costs.

Does my PICL registration cover local team fees?

No, team fees are separate from your PICL/NICA registration and are set at the discretion of your local team. Team fees typically cover administrative costs for the team, team gear, team kit (uniform), etc. Your team will communicate its costs to you directly.

Is the 2020 PICL Registration Refundable?

With the separation of events from the season registration in 2020 and the unknowns of this fall still ahead, for this year, once a registration is completed it can not be refunded.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, in cases of need the league is able to assist families in part or in full. Please read through the financial aid information on the site and fill out the form linked to that page. We will connect with you and do all that we can to help.