PICL 2020 Season Registration


The 2020 PICL Season Registration looks different this year than in the past. Due to the uncertainty created by the unprecedented worldwide pandemic in 2020 we have focused on the elements of the season that we feel most able to offer and most likely to occur – the activities that are smaller and closer to home – with additional large scale events that draw from a wider region available a la carte, should they occur.

We just do not know what the fall will hold for larger events on a number of fronts. So we are focusing locally while continuing to plan for three larger weekend gatherings, up until the point that we either get the PICL family together or find that we are unable to host those events.


Local Dirt is a new addition in 2020 as we expand this pilot program that is focused on building and supporting ways for local teams to get together and share the fun. We are in the third season of the pilot and are seeing strong engagement in regions across the state. Local Dirts fit the current situation and CDC Return to Play guidance well too. We built this because we want to bring more PICL fun and events closer to more families and communities, we need more accessibility in our sport and across NICA, and building more of what we do closer to home is a key piece of that access. It just so happens that Local Dirt also fits well in the COVID world.

Local Dirt requires a bit of training to pull together local level events – it is no doubt that just like coaching and other youth sports, it is local communities and local people who build and provide so much of the experience. Local Dirts do not require the same amount of training or weekly time commitments as coaching and so might be a great fit for those of you who would love to do something to support #morekidsonbikes in your backyards and to help out your local team, but don’t see yourself as a team coach. Join in and give your community some more mountain biking awesomeness! Contact you team’s head coach or team director to find out more or email us at info@pamtb.org.

Registration: $199 per participant for the season, July 1 through November 15

  • Fee Breakdown is as follows: 
    • PICL Season registration and league support: $124
    • NICA fees and admin costs: $75

Includes and supports:

  • The PICL League experience!
  • Adventure activities 
  • Teen Trail Corps with season awards 
  • Local Dirt events where trained and active
  • Team support and development
  • Statewide mountain bike advocacy and trail system development
  • PICL league registration
  • NICA registration
  • NICA insurance coverage
  • Event development
  • Professional full and part-time year-round staff
  • Professionally led coaching education and advancement and a top quality youth sports coaching curriculum and philosophy
  • Innovative and class leading youth development programming through sport
  • A safe, professional, secure, and appropriate environment and experience for our participants
  • And more!

All that we do together is what delivers on our mission of developing body, mind, and character in our student-athletes and positively impacting our communities.  To do that we need an environment that is safe and supportive of our students—one that every parent across the state feels absolutely comfortable allowing their child to participate in knowing they will be treated fairly, with respect, and that their safety and well being are our top priority; that nothing is more important that creating an amazing experience on all fronts. That’s what our core staff works year round to create and support, and it is what teams and our amazing cadre of coaches across the state deliver in their communities.

About NICA Coaching

Coaching, coach development, and appropriate coach screening is a NICA investment priority because: When coaches received training in skills and communicating effectively with kids, only five percent of kids decided not to play the sport again compared to 26 percent when playing under an untrained coach. Overall, four of 10 youth coaches say they have not received training in motivational techniques, physical conditioning, safety needs, and concussion management. – The Aspen Institute, Project Play

 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Mountain Bike Race 

Statewide Events 

  • If they occur, are not included in the 2020 PICL Season Fee
  • There is a potential for a few larger state wide events and will continue to pursue these until we either get the band together or find that these are no longer an option for the organization in 2020.
  • We will publish more information on these events as we solidify the plans.
  • These larger events will be an additional cost that is to be determined (we anticipate, in the range of $30 dollars per student, per event) and will be based on the hard costs to create the events.
  • If we are able to hold these events, we will update PitZone with event information so parents / teams can register as soon as we are able to do so. 

*Reminder that even with the potential for these larger events, COVID -19 restrictions on number of participants, spectators, volunteers etc. and social distancing and masks will be MANDATORY based upon State regulations.

The FAQ has information you may want to know, such as:

Is the 2020 PICL Registration Refundable?

With the separation of events from the season registration in 2020 and the unknowns of this fall still ahead, for this year, once a registration is completed it can not be refunded.

Make sure you check the FAQ.

Registration and payment through the PA League pitzone is possible via credit card, payment by check, or via the PayPal 6-months-same-as-cash credit option for those who qualify. Remember to register your student athlete in pitzone PRIOR to using PayPal. Please see the PICL Season Registration FAQ for more information.

Please register your child in Pitzone and choose the ‘pay by check’ option at checkout prior to using the PayPal link below.